AG, Alexandria VA

Linda created a kitchen and living area perfect for my home and budget. She refined my vision, simplified decision points, and knew exactly where to invest for the biggest impact. She has an eye for color, appreciates quality, and works with exceptional attention to detail.  It was a pleasure to work with her.


SD, Alexandria VA

Never having worked with an interior designer and quite honestly, a bit intimidated by the prospect, I was happily surprised by how quickly Linda made me feel at ease.  She had great ideas, searched endlessly for the perfect fabrics and while she gave me her suggestions, I never felt pressured to select something that wasn't "me".  She took conventional furniture designs and refined them into a sofa, chairs and window treatments that would complement the rugs and furniture that I had.  Her manufacturers created her designs at reasonable prices. I wanted an elegant but comfortable living room.  While I wasn't totally sure what I meant, Linda helped me figure it out.  Now I love to sit and admire a room that is truly home.